A Message From Our Past President

Woman’s Club of Belvidere 2012 – 2014 Overview

The past two years of our Club’s history have been interesting, to say the least. But those that only use on word to describe what was productive, heartfelt, effective, sad at times and downright fun at others, really just need more time to think to tell the whole story!

In 2012 when we faced the problem of not having a President to lead us, no one wanted the Club to dissolve. We rallied together and decided to continue on with a mediator to guide us, no one wanted the Club to dissolve. We rallied together and decided to continue on with a mediator to guide us through the meetings and events we did not want to fall by the wayside.

Not one of us wanted to think about the high school seniors who wouldn’t receive scholarships, the girls who wouldn’t be going to Douglas for Career Institute, or the elementary children in three schools not receiving their Kind News every week.

We didn’t want to stop packing cookies or sending large print magazines for the seniors in nursing homes and those receiving Meals-at-home. And when it snowed, none of us wanted to think of 25 of them without a meal that day. What would we do with our free turkeys at holiday time if we didn’t bring them plus bags Pantry? We multiplied $100 into $200 for the Food Bank by donating to the matching fund.

Who could sit still knowing the homeless being fed and boarded by Family Promise didn’t have pajamas to keep them warm at night? Or that the women and children in the Domestic Abuse shelter didn’t even have a bar of soap? And who would support Sister Clair our Silesian Nun?

We didn’t want to miss adding our own fives and tens when the club couldn’t afford a donation to someone in need of fuel for their wood stove, or riding outfit for competition. And what would we do with our aluminum can tabs, soup labels and box tops for education?

Who wouldn’t want to continue sneaking around ailing women’s porches delivering gifts that matched a song – FOR TWELVE DAYS IN A ROW????

And we didn’t want to give up trying for a plastic fish at the Town’s National Night Out or selling fudge, helping with porch teas and house tours at Victorian Days.

Who’s going to clean up Seventh Street and Titman Road? Where would we get a twelfth for Bunko night? You get the picture by now: What we do really matters.

We also had some sad times, losing three longtime members: Cass Burke, Sara Mark and Shirley Sosanski. Their unselfish service to others is a great example to follow, and we have done just that, and with less than 20 members.

Now we look forward, to celebrate 85 years of service to our community, the companionship we share with each other and to achieving so much more.

Elaine A. Hawes, President



Belvidere, NJ


(908) 319-5130
[email protected]